100,000 euro campaign to promote tourism

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The Minister of Tourism, Daniel Cadariu, announced a national campaign to promote tourist destinations in Romania, worth 100,000 euros. The campaign will be made with the help of influencers, and its goal is to show people domestic holiday destinations, given that this year Romanians spent 6 billion euros on holidays abroad.

A few days of mountain vacation in Romania cost as much as in Austria

“It’s been 2 years since the pandemic. We cannot fail to note that Romanians want, after 2 years of vacations in Romania, as much as possible and as much as the restrictions allowed, to travel abroad”, Cadariu told Digi24.

“There are also cases where maybe things are not so good. But neither with our Bulgarian neighbors, nor with the Greeks, things are not perfect. And comparisons must be made for like-for-like situations, both in terms of the number of stars and the amenities and services provided for those stays,” he added.

The minister said that the government is taking measures to encourage tourism in Romania.

“First of all, an activity to promote tourist destinations in Romania, combined at the national level. Because there are many promotion initiatives at regional or local level. Unfortunately, there is a lack of the state in the 30 years since the Revolution on the promotion of tourism in Romania, an aspect we are currently working on,” said Cadariu.

He specified that the ministry is preparing 3 promotion campaigns, and their effects could become visible from the next season.

“First of all, one of these actions provides for a public procurement to develop the Romanian.travel ministry platform. It will be the starting point of this promotion. In parallel, we will use that form of promotion through influencers. We are in the process of purchasing a contract. This week we upload the specifications on SEAP, we do the public procurement. The winning advertising agency will propose those influencers to be used”, Cadariu explained.

The minister said that the value of the contract will be 100,000 euros.

“We have to refer to the budget we have and it’s a start, considering that at least in the last 2 years, nothing has been done on the promotion component,” he added.