26 countries promise support of over 1.5 billion euros

26 countries promise support of over 1.5 billion euros

On Thursday, August 11, the representatives of a number of 26 countries, gathered in Copenhagen, promised support of more than 1.5 billion euros to increase the military capabilities of Ukraine in its war with Russia, announced the Danish Minister of Defense Morten Bodskov in a press conference, Reuters and DPA report.

“This amount can increase”, Bodskov added after the end of the international conference of donors for Ukraine, according to Agerpres.ro.

Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have agreed to expand the production of artillery systems, ammunition and other equipment, the Danish minister said.

In a joint statement, the participating countries pledged to provide ongoing military support to Ukraine and agreed to hold a video conference on the same topic in September.

Twenty-six countries sent delegates to the Copenhagen conference, held to supplement cooperation within the Contact Group for Ukraine, which coordinates arms deliveries to the Ukrainian armed forces.

In this regard, co-host of the conference, Great Britain promised to send more multiple missile launcher systems to Ukraine. A “substantial number” of M31A1 guided missiles, which can accurately hit targets up to 80 kilometers away, will also be sent, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said.

So Ukrainian soldiers have already been trained in Great Britain on how to use the launchers, and London has promised to train 10,000 Ukrainian infantrymen in the coming months.

Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands have announced that they will support this program.

On February 24, Russia launched an unjustified and unprovoked military aggression against Ukraine. Moscow constantly asserts that it is a “special military operation” to denazify the neighboring country and to protect the Russian-speaking community in eastern Ukraine.