A candidate for governor of the Central Bank of

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The chairman of the budget committee of the Sofia Parliament, Lubomir Karimanski, the candidate for governor of Bulgaria’s central bank from the “There is Such a People” (ITN) party, announced from the rostrum that he had received threats. serious from an unknown telephone number, putting them in the context of his candidacy for the high position of governor, transmits the online version of the Bulgarian public radio, BNR.bg. Following the first investigations, the phone number belongs to a Romanian citizen.

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov has announced that he has ordered the Interior Ministry and the State Agency for Homeland Security to conduct a full and speedy investigation into the incident, which Karimanski claims.

The message received via SMS had the following text:

“Give up or your problems will start immediately, you have no idea how serious they will be !!!”

The ITN leadership has announced that Lubomir Karimanski will not step down as governor of the National Bank of Bulgaria (BNB).

ITN parliamentary group leader Tosko Yordanov called the threats “bandit and inadmissible” and suggested the threats came from his counter-candidate Andrei Ghiurov, backed by political opponents of the “Continuing Change” party.

Prime Minister Petkov agreed that the threats were inadmissible, but strongly denied that Andrei Ghiurov had anything to do with them.

The SIM has been identified, the owner – a Romanian citizen

The General Police Directorate of Bulgaria (GDNP) announced that the message was sent from a SIM card registered in the name of a Romanian citizen with the initials LT, who entered the country on April 1 and left Bulgaria on April 7. , the day Karimanski says he received the threatening message.

The card was active for 15 minutes on April 7, after which it was deactivated.

Police say they also determined the exact location where the SIM card was active and from which the message was sent.

The operative-investigative actions in question continue, the Police also states.

The Sofia District Attorney’s Office announced that it has launched an investigation and sent a 10-day deadline to the Interior Ministry to prepare a report on the case.

“Very precise and complete instructions have been sent to the bodies of the Ministry of Interior, which should, within their competence, disclose the perpetrator and, if sufficient data are gathered on the guilt of a certain person, the accusations will follow,” he said. spokeswoman for the Sofia Prosecutor’s Office.