A city from Romania, in the top 10 European Best Destinations

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Oradea is in the top 10 of the destinations preferred by tourists in Europe. The city managed to occupy the 6th place following the votes of over half a million tourists from all over the world.

Oradea surpassed cities like Rome, Prague, Athens or Vienna, being voted by over 47,000 people, notes SpotMedia.

The European Best Destinations 2022 ranking can be found here.

The top 10 looks like this:

1. Ljubljana, Slovenia
2. Marbella, Spain
3. Amiens, France
4. Plovdiv, Bulgaria
5. Leuven, Belgium
6. Oradea, Romania
7. London, UK
8. Nijmegen, Netherlands
9. Lahti Region – Finland
10. Istanbul, Turkey

The Ministry of the Environment writes on its Facebook page on Saturday that Oradea was appreciated both for city-break trips and for extended vacations:

“According to the ranking of Europe’s Best Destinations, Oradea is considered a model for many destinations in Romania, with a surprising architectural landscape and a diverse cultural program.

The ranking includes destinations from countries such as Spain, France, Belgium, Romania managing to outrank countries such as England, Italy, Greece or Austria.

Designated this year as the most beautiful Art Nouveau destination in Europe, Oradea deserves to be on the list of tourist destinations that must be visited at least once in a lifetime!”.

Oradea was the only city in Romania nominated for the title of destination of the year 2022 in Europe.

These destinations are promoted throughout 2022 to millions of travelers, by the media and tourism professionals, as being among the best to visit in Europe.