A country from the European Union is the "ultimate evil" for Russia

A country from the European Union is the “ultimate evil” for Russia

In the context of the invasions, Russia sends a shock wave to Europe. After Ukraine, a new country entered the Kremlin’s sights. All the details were made public live, during the program “Evenings with Solovyov”, on the state television Russia 1.

Specifically, the producer of the show, 51-year-old Vladimir Solovyov, who is also one of the Kremlin’s most vocal propagandists, spoke about Germany.

More precisely, he claims that Germany is the “ultimate evil” and that it should be “attacked”, considering the movements of the last period.

In his opinion, “Germany supplies weapons to kill our pilots. It is the ultimate evil and should be attacked,” Vladimir Solovyov broadcast live, reports Bild.

Another journalist, Alexander Sosnowski, was also invited to his show, who analyzed the weaknesses of NATO member countries. He stated that Germany now has “almost nothing reliable” in terms of the defense system, something that would allow Russia to make any kind of move.

Germany, Russia’s new target?

“The Bundeswehr has almost nothing reliable left in terms of the defense system,” said journalist Alexander Sosnowski.

Vladimir Solovyov went on and even talked about how Russia might attack Germany. He argues that if Putin’s troops were to open a second front while Germany is disarmed, it would be a pivotal moment.

Thus, “Then we should open a second front and strike Germany while they are completely disarmed. So that there are no illusions among the Nazis”, he also said, and his controversial statements continued.

“They are supplying weapons that aim to kill our pilots. We cannot sit idly by and say: Oh, how beautiful! We burn and destroy everything and return to Berlin”, added Vladimir Solovyov, in his show.

Vladimir Solovyov threatens the EU and NATO

In Russia, we note that this is not the first time that the TV producer has made such claims. In an edition of his show in April, he threatens Europe, but also all NATO member states.

He wondered then whether the West would have enough weapons, as well as people, when Russia would complete the special operation in Ukraine. “We will pulverize NATO citizens, there will be no mercy,” he said.

In another recent edition of his show in June, he also referred to Britain, stating that London could be the first city to be bombed in the event of a world war.

In addition, Vladimir Solovyov is one of the personalities hit by EU sanctions. Two villas in Italy that he owns have been requisitioned in recent months.