A plane with more than 100 passengers crashed and the impact

A plane with more than 100 passengers crashed and the impact

A 133-passenger plane belonging to China Eastern Airlines crashed in southern China, according to information broadcast by state television.

China Eastern Airlines plane carrying 133 passengers crashed near Wuzhou, southern China. The Boeing 737 was traveling from Kunming to Guangzhou, and immediately after it crashed, a fire broke out in the mountains.

About the event, CCTV reported that the accident took place near Wuzhou City in Teng. The number of victims is not yet known, and rescue teams are on their way, CCTV said.

Another plane crashed recently

A four-man U.S. military plane recently crashed in northern Norway, the Norwegian military said Friday night. This is an MV-22B Osprey aircraft. It crashed in bad weather in an area with rugged terrain and narrow valleys, according to the Norwegian military, quoted by CBS News.

The Marines confirmed that “an incident took place in which an MV-22B Osprey aircraft of the Marine Corps was involved.” The American plane is participating in the NATO exercise called “Cold Response” when the disappearance was reported.

A rescue helicopter and a Norwegian military plane Orion, which was searching the area, noticed the plane from the air after receiving an emergency call.

Thus, “I discovered an aircraft that crashed. I didn’t see any signs of life, “Nordland Police Chief Bent Eilertsen told Reuters.

“It’s dark, the weather is bad and there is a risk of avalanches,” he said.

Due to the unfavorable weather conditions, the rescue aircraft could not land, and at the time of the announcement, rescuers were trying to reach the scene on land.

In the historical context, V-22 Osprey aircraft have been involved in a number of fatal accidents in recent years.

In 2017, three US Marines were killed when an MV-22 Osprey tipper plane crashed off the coast of Australia.

In April 2000, a V-22 Osprey with a rocket tipper of a Marine crashed during a night landing in Arizona. 19 people on board died then.