A popular tourist destination is experiencing inflation of

Photo by pasja1000 on Pixabay

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One of the most beautiful countries in the world, recognized for its exceptional natural landscapes, is going through a major economic crisis.

Last month inflation reached 70% and food prices rose 84% in Sri Lanka, a country severely affected by the internal crisis. In the same context, the price of non-food products increased by 54%, informs Reuters, according to ziare.com.

In July, violent protests took place in Sri Lanka at the end of prolonged demonstrations, with people invading the residence of the country’s president, who fled in fear of them.

Sri Lanka, also called the Green Island, is a very popular tourist destination, thanks to its relief, but also its exit to the Indian Ocean. At the same time, the prices in this area were much lower compared to other exotic paradises, but instability and inflation ruined, at least for the moment, this exotic paradise.