“Accommodation in exchange”, an increasingly popular tourist phenomenon

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Popular abroad, exchange accommodation is starting to be of interest to Romanians as well. They offer the apartments or houses they have for others with similar facilities in the areas they want to visit.

Anything can be exchanged for anything

A group was created on Facebook for people interested in these exchanges, notes ziare.com.

“This is a group for all those who want to go on holidays, don’t want to pay a fortune, but also want to try something new, because they will be staying in other people’s houses. Apartments, villas, cabins, palaces, yachts, boats, cabins anything can be exchanged for anything.

It can be an exchange in Romania, one between Romania or any other area in the world or one between different areas in the world.

Romanians are everywhere and go everywhere. And they help each other.

Please support each other, be honest with each other, clean up after yourselves (like at home). Those who disappoint us will be removed from the group.

After any exchange, both hosts will give feedback so that the group knows in the future if it is ok to exchange with those hosts or not. We will keep a record of the positive and negative ratings, because information is still lost on Facebook.

Those who ask for an exchange are asked to specify the period, location, number of rooms, facilities and also put a picture or two. Whoever answers, the same”, the description of the group states.

What it offers and what Romanians are looking for

Many of those who live by the sea are looking for apartments to exchange in the mountains, and vice versa, but the ads are diverse.

“If you are interested in a visit to Cluj Napoca, I offer in exchange a fully furnished and equipped 2-room apartment, close to the city center. I am interested in sea and mountain locations. PS: Underground parking, netflix, isney. The conditions are of the best quality. “

“I offer accommodation in a 2-room apartment on the 1st floor, by the sea, in the holiday village of Mamaia, Constanța, starting from August 27, September 1, in exchange for 2 rooms overlooking the mountain!”

“We are looking for accommodation by the sea in the period 29.08-05.09, 2 adults and our 3-year-old girl, we offer accommodation at the house, in the Mureș area, to Toplița, Montana area, our house consists of 4 rooms, bathroom, kitchen, large yard, equipped with everything you need, we can show you the surroundings, traditions and everything related to our area, next to our house, we also have a cultural center for children where your little ones can play all day, if there are interested people, I am waiting for a private message , we offer and expect maximum seriousness!”

“I offer exchange accommodation in Mamaia Resort, fully furnished/equipped 2-room apartment, capacity 4 adults, the location is pet friendly if you want to bring your four-legged friend, superb view of the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol, available anytime after 15 08 2022. I am looking for exchange accommodation in a mountain area for 4 people somewhere in September or October.”

“Another successful exchange thanks to this group. The decision to join us was a very good one. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences. I went to Sighișoara, to Mrs. Juliana’s, and had a few days of vacation in excellent conditions.

Welcoming host, very nice apartment and well located in a quiet area, parking and all the comforts.

We thank Mrs. Juliana and we look forward to seeing her on another occasion, in Constanța or Mamaia.”