Airlines have adjusted their flights to Ukraine on

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Ukraine’s infrastructure minister said on Monday that about 10 airlines had adjusted their scheduled flights to Ukraine amid tensions with Russia, but that its airstrips were still open and flights to the Eastern European country remained safe. , according to Reuters.

The German company Lufthansa has announced that it will stop flights to Ukraine on Monday, joining KLM, which has already suspended flights.

The Scandinavian airline SAS has also suspended weekly flights, while Air France has decided to cancel its flights between Paris and Kiev on Tuesday as a “precautionary measure” amid rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

“The current cancellation of flights by a number of foreign airlines is dictated only by the aggravation of the information situation, and not by real changes in flight safety,” Oleksander Kubrakov said in a press briefing.

He did not name the airlines and said that “the state is working to replace the canceled flights”.

Kubrakov said Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) had already opened ticket sales and increased the capacity of aircraft for additional flights from Kiev to Munich and Geneva, which Lufthansa was unable to operate.

Two Ukrainian airlines last week revealed problems in providing insurance for some of their flights, while foreign carriers began to avoid the country’s airspace as Russia gathered a huge military force at its border.

The UIA said it had received notification from its insurers that experts said more airlines should avoid Ukraine’s airspace after a US warning that Moscow could invade its neighbor at any time.

Russia and Ukraine have alluded to new diplomatic efforts to avoid conflict on Monday, but Ukraine’s largest airline said its insurers had already terminated coverage for at least some of its aircraft for flights inside Ukrainian airspace.

However, international airlines are not withdrawing due to a lack of insurance, said Bruce Carman, director of underwriting at Hive Aero in London.

“We continue to support many airlines flying in the region,” he said.