Alexander Lukashenko suggested that his army join

Alexander Lukashenko suggested that his army join

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko reiterated his support for the Russian military’s war in Ukraine and said he intended to “fully” support Russia as part of its commitment to a “state union.” Between Belarus and Russia.

In this regard, the President of Belarus allowed the use of his country’s territory as a ramp for the Russian army in the first days of the war that broke out in Ukraine. In addition, during the anniversary of World War II, which celebrated the liberation of Belarus by Soviet troops, Alexander Lukashenko publicly acknowledged that he had supported Vladimir Putin’s invasion “from day one.”

Thus, “Today we are criticized for being the only country in the world that supports Russia in its fight against Nazism. We support and will continue to support Russia. And for those who criticize us, don’t they know that we have such a close union with the Russian Federation? That we basically have a unified army. But they knew all this. We will stay with fraternal Russia, “said Alexander Lukashenko at the time.

We note that his statements were interpreted as a clear sign that Belarus would join Russia in the war that broke out in Ukraine, Reuters reports.

Belarus wants to maintain its sovereignty

The Minsk government has been engaged in a “state union” with Russia since 1990, but little progress has been made in implementing this political plan, and in the last year Alexander Lukashenko has insisted that his country must retain “sovereignty”.

Politically, however, the Belarusian president remains dependent on Russia, as only with the help of Vladimir Putin has he managed to quell the massive protests in 2020, when he rigged the election and proclaimed himself “re-elected for the sixth time.” .

In this context, Volodymyr Zelensky strongly argues that Alexander Lukashenko’s statements could be a “signal” that his actions should be closely monitored by the West. Currently, some Ukrainian officials believe that Belarus could become Ukraine’s new enemy.

At the same time, Volodymyr Zelensky says that Alexander Lukashenko’s statements are “a dangerous development”, and the Belarusian president should not involve his country in the war launched by Russia.

Thus, “Lukashenko’s statement about a unified army with that of Russia is, above all, dangerous for the people of Belarus. Belarus should not be dragged into Russia’s war of invasion against Ukraine. I think it’s a dangerous signal. And I think we will all see the results of this signal, “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said recently.

In Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko has been in charge of the state since 1994, and is regularly accused by the West of violating human rights.