Andrei Caramitru, shock script: Macron, blackmail at Iohannis

Photo: French Embassy in Romania

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Andrei Caramitru suggests in a comment on Facebook that Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Romania will take place in order to conduct crucial political negotiations. He believes that the French president will ask Iohannis for Romania to buy corvettes from the French, not the Dutch, in exchange for acceptance in the Schengen area. Macron would try to put pressure even by invoking the possibility of Renault selling the Dacia plant in Mioveni, according to Andrei Caramitru.

The move brings to mind the nuclear submarine business, which has sparked a huge diplomatic scandal between France and Australia. In September 2021, the then Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the sudden breach of the French contract, prepared for several years. He announced that Australia would buy American or British nuclear-powered submarines in return. The conflict ended with a huge compensation of over 550 million euros, paid by Australia to Naval Group, as announced by the French Minister of Defense.

As for Romania’s arms program, the French and the Dutch are fighting for the contract for the delivery of corvettes. The Damen Group lost a 1.2 billion euro tender for the supply of multifunctional corvettes to the Romanian Navy in favor of the French Naval Group. The Dutch have started a lawsuit and challenged the legality of the auction, the file being sent at the company’s request to the Constitutional Court, B1 TV announced.

At the same time, the French president will tell Iohannis that he wants to lead the NATO group in Romania, and that he does not want more American troops in the country. Macron comes to Romania to meet with the French soldiers who are stationed in our country in Kogălniceanu before leaving for Chisinau.

Also, according to Andrei Caramitru, the French president will put on the negotiating table the Dacia Mioveni plant and the Schengen area.

“What it will offer us: Schengen. The problem is that we can’t be sure, so far they have kept us in check even though there is no legal justification – MCV is not bound by any Schengen treaty and anyway it is absurd when Hungary is now hyper corrupt dictatorship, much worse than ours + the east flank must be well connected, you can’t have a border in the middle “, says Andrei Caramitru.

Caramitru is of the opinion that the French president will put pressure on Renault to sell the Dacia factory to the Chinese, Romania will no longer enter Schengen, and the financing for the Republic of Moldova will be blocked.

“If we refuse, Manuel will threaten us like this: Renault sells the Dacia factory to the Chinese (information has already appeared from sources) who will probably close it later, who knows… Schengen will never happen again. We also block Moldova in any European approach and financing from now on. Just to learn how this world actually works. And don’t delude yourself anymore. That’s the reality, that’s how it’s discussed. The world is tough and without any principle of fact “, concludes Caramitru.