Andri Yermak: "Negotiations and agreements are the best way

Andri Yermak: “Negotiations and agreements are the best way

Russia and Ukraine could soon reach a peace agreement, and the war could end after almost four weeks of fighting. The announcement was made by the head of President Andri Yermak’s office.

During a video meeting at the Chatham House Royal Institute of International Affairs in the United Kingdom, the head of President Andri Yermak’s office announced that the Ukrainian delegation is working non-stop to ensure that the meeting between President Volodymyr Zelensky and Vladimir Putin takes place.

Thus, “The hard work continues, in which our partners participate in particular. Therefore, of course, negotiations and agreements are the shortest way to end the war “, he concluded, according to Unian.

At the same time, if negotiations go well, Ukraine expects the cessation of aggression and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory.

The war could end quickly

In his opinion, “I hope that these agreements will primarily provide for a ceasefire, bombing, withdrawal of Russian troops into the territory by February 23, 2022, and also for consultations and talks on other issues related to the return of the territories. to the full control of the Ukrainian authorities over the territories within the internationally recognized borders, ”he said.

At the same time, the official also stated that the whole globe wants this military conflict to end, and the decisions should not be delayed at all.

Thus, “We really want this war to end as soon as possible. It ended with agreements exclusively in the interest of our country. With what I received, not lost. With the fact that we first received a new security system. There is no time to postpone this decision, “said Yermak.

Regarding the sovereignty, independence, but also the territorial integrity of Ukraine, the head of the Presidential Office stated that there can be no compromises in this regard.

What compromises is Ukraine open to?

On the other hand, he adds that Ukraine is open to talking about any issue and at the same time is ready for a meeting, so that everything ends.

So, “We are ready to talk about any problem, we are ready to meet, and these issues need to be addressed. We should not close our eyes to them. And the problem of the Donbas, and the problem of Crimea and especially the problem of ending the war and the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukrainian territory.

All of this should be the subject of conversation. First of all, talks between the President of Ukraine and the President of Russia, “he added.