António Guterres: "We are far from the end of the war" -

António Guterres: “We are far from the end of the war” –

Recently, UN Secretary General António Guterres issued a dire warning about the war in Ukraine. According to him, we are far from the end of the conflict started by Russia.

The UN issues a stark warning about war

Thus, the UN Secretary General’s statement came after he had a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In his warnings, “We are far from the end of the war. A ceasefire is not envisaged. I would be lying if I said it would happen,” UN Secretary-General António Guterres said, according to CNN.

Moreover, the diplomat said he discussed a variety of issues with Putin, including the grain deal and the possibility of Russian exports, and warned that there are obstacles to Russian food and fertilizer exports.

In his opinion, “We risk facing food shortages in the world later this year”, added the UN Secretary General.

In the context of the current war, António Guterres and Vladimir Putin also discussed prisoners of war, with Guterres quoting Putin as saying there would be no obstacles from Russia regarding the panel of experts carrying out an investigative mission into the attack last month passed on the prison in the Russian-occupied region of eastern Ukraine.

On the other hand, Olaf Scholz, on Vladimir Putin’s attitude in the war: He does not consider the conflict as a mistake
For his part, the German chancellor spoke on Wednesday, September 14, about the war in Ukraine and the approach of the Russian president. Thus, Olaf Scholz emphasized that Vladimir Putin does not consider the conflict as a “mistake”.

In his opinion, “Unfortunately, I cannot tell you now that there is a growing awareness that it was a mistake to start this war. Nothing suggests that a new position is about to emerge there,” said Olaf Scholz, who had a 90-minute phone conversation with the Russian president on Tuesday.

Also, Olaf Scholz said that it is “correct” to discuss and everyone to say what they have to say.

“Because I am firmly convinced that Russia must withdraw, that its troops must withdraw, for peace to have a chance in this region,” he insisted.

In addition, “And, every day, it becomes more and more clear that it is the only perspective” possible, added the German chancellor, pointing out that “we have to discuss this”.