Apple has released iOS 16. It has a lot of new features

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The latest version of iOS is now available and can be installed on compatible models, bringing with it a whole host of new features.

At the top of the list of news in iOS 16 is the new lock screen. The screen displayed before unlocking can now be customized to a fairly high level. According to news.ro, users can add widgets and change certain component elements such as text fonts.

Some of Apple’s applications also receive new functions, long awaited by users. This is the case with the options for editing and withdrawing messages sent with iMessage or scheduling and withdrawing e-mails sent with Apple Mail.

Focus modes can now be activated based on geographic coordinates. For example, Work Mode can be configured to automatically turn on when the user arrives at the office and be turned off when the user leaves the office.

With a simple press and flick of the finger, objects or people can now be taken from images and dragged into other applications, such as a chat application, to be sent to someone.

In the “small but welcome” category there are a large number of changes, such as the fact that the battery percentage can again be displayed in the menu on the main screen, or that the Notes application can now automatically convert certain units of measurement.

Not all the features Apple announced in the summer were, however, included in this first final version. iCloud Shared Photo Library, for example, has not been finalized and is to be implemented through a later update.

iOS 16 can be installed on all models starting with iPhone 8.