As sales decline, Amazon reduces its items on

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Amazon.com has begun to reduce the number of items it sells under its own brand, amid poor sales, according to people close to the situation, quoted by the Wall Street Journal, reports Reuters.

The company also discussed the possibility of giving up the private label business altogether, in order to reduce regulatory pressure, according to the WSJ.

However, Amazon said it never considered closing the business under a private label.

“We continue to invest in this area, as many of our retail competitors have done for decades, and they continue to do so today,” said an Amazon spokesman.

Disappointing sales for many of its own brand items have partly led to the decision to reduce them, according to the WSJ article.

Over the past six months, Amazon’s management has also instructed its own-brand retail division team to reduce the list of items and not repeat orders for many of them, while discussing reducing its own-brand assortment in the United States. United by more than half.

The decision was made after an evaluation of the business by Dave Clark, a former director of Amazon, who took over as head of the global consumer business in January 2021.

The company’s own-brand business has sparked controversy, with the European Commission accusing Amazon in 2020 of using its size, power and data to promote its own products and gain an unfair advantage over rival merchants who also use its platform.

The US online retail giant has now offered to refrain from using sellers’ data for its own retail business and private label products.