Austria has agreed and accepts Ukraine's status

Austria has agreed and accepts Ukraine’s status

Ukraine is currently receiving the best news so far on its accession to the European Union. The announcement was made by Chancellor Karl Nehammer.

Thus, in an interview with the German press, the official stated that Austria agreed and accepted Ukraine’s status as an EU candidate, but only under certain conditions. He also gave an example of the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In his view, “We need to make sure that the same standards apply as for other candidates for accession in the Western Balkans. In this context, it would seem inconceivable to me, for example, to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate and, at the same time, to keep out countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Karl Nehammer told the German press. quoted by the Wiener Zeitung.

Since 2016, Bosnia and Herzegovina has applied for EU membership and has for years been considered a “potential candidate country”. On the other hand, a recommendation from the European Commission to grant Ukraine the status of candidate country is expected on Friday.

Austria’s conditions for Ukraine’s accession to the EU

In the context of accession, in the attitude of Austria, the Chancellor argues that Ukraine must meet all the criteria to become a member of the EU.

Thus, “As regards possible EU candidate status, I would like to point out that there are clear and established criteria that must be met without any ‘if’ or ‘but’. There doesn’t have to be double standards or even first and second class candidates to become members, “Nehammer said.

At the same time, he added that Ukraine should not benefit from special rules but should follow the same standards as other countries wishing to become members of the EU.

In his view, “it must be ensured that the EU applies to Ukraine the ‘same standards’ as other candidates in the Western Balkans,” he said.

Regarding the quick negotiations that Kiev has requested, the chancellor claims that the EU should not create false expectations for Ukraine, given that the procedure is a complex one, but also a long one.

How long could Ukraine’s EU accession process take?

In his statement, “We must not create false expectations in Ukraine either, because the enlargement procedure is complex and lengthy. Therefore, we should urgently consider intermediate stages in the accession process, for example in the sense of a European training area “, he added.

He also added that the accession process must not be replaced but must be done to EU standards.

“This training space should not replace the accession process, but should be parallel to it and facilitate a rapprochement with EU standards. However, it is undeniable that Ukraine is part of the European family, the chancellor explained.

He also stated that Austria will support Ukraine in this endeavor and will also join it in all efforts to end hostilities.

“Therefore, Austria, as a militarily neutral country, supports Ukraine as much as possible against Russia’s war of aggression, as well as all efforts to end hostilities,” he said.