Because the future belongs to the digitized companies, CIEL

Because the future belongs to the digitized companies, CIEL

Because the future belongs to digital companies, CIEL Romania is preparing to launch a new brand dedicated to local entrepreneurs this year. What promise does it come with?

CIEL’s business story began in 1991, and the first product launched was “Conta”, which fit on a floppy disk. “A story that continues today as a complete solution for small businesses and their accountants,” says Roxana Epure, managing partner of the business software maker. Even if the onset of the health crisis has raised many questions in the local business environment, the number of small companies in fields such as agriculture, fashion or services that have accessed CIEL Romania software in 2021 has increased by 39% compared to 2020. As a consequence, CIEL announces new projects for the current year, including the launch of a brand adapted to the context.

Last year, about 73% of companies automated more business processes compared to 2020, which was a year of temperate change and investment, while more than 65% of start-ups started their business with a level of digitalization. much higher than those at the beginning of the road in 2018-2019, according to CIEL Romania data.

Local e-commerce has exploded in a pandemic, and Romanian employees have begun asking employers to simplify their work through technology. Thus, many manual, repetitive and time-consuming operations have become robotic processes. And if in 2019 small companies were reluctant to allocate budgets for technology, the pandemic led to a significant change in mentality: small business owners understood that equipping the business with software solutions helps them advance in the market.

“In this context, our management and accounting software has seen very good sales, especially from startups – 50% more than in 2020. We estimate that the appetite for digitization from small businesses and young entrepreneurs will grow. maintain in 2022 “, points out Roxana Epure.

CIEL Romania – investments and investments again

In recent years, the company has focused on web-based technologies and robotic processes. “For the first time, we have invested 500,000 euros in the last three years. Our software is rich in useful features, which take over repetitive activities and make life much easier for users. In the case of robots, we have used existing technologies to provide value-added services. And there, the investments are six figures. In the future, we will continue to develop existing products and channel our efforts towards cloud products, automation and robotics “, details Roxana Epure. Practically, CIEL products have adapted year after year to the markets for which they were created, with automations and functionalities specific to industries such as online retail, food production, transport or the medical field.

In the particular case of online retail, according to the company’s information, more than half (52%) of the Romanian entrepreneurs who owned physical stores launched stores in .ro during the pandemic. Also a trend is the emergence of niche stores, launched by small entrepreneurs, mainly in the premium segment of the FMCG market.

In 2021, the best-selling software solutions were CIEL ERP, which recorded a 30% increase in turnover, CIEL Salarii payroll and personnel management software, with a record increase of 1,000%, as well as CIEL Start software. , for small businesses and startups.

Something new

What is the next step for CIEL Romania? “Supporting businesses with software that is more and more suitable for them, not too small – like the one they used in the past – but not too big, which would destabilize their cash flow, by cost, or internal processes, through complexity “, answers Roxana Epure. In this sense, the company aims to launch this year a new brand, to cover the business needs of Romanian entrepreneurs with medium business, a friendly, intuitive software, easy to implement and use.

“In 2022, we are counting on a higher growth of turnover, probably over 25%. The stakes will be to monetize the investments made last year in new products. Our investments will continue in the future in anything that simplifies the work of business owners. Post-pandemic, the perception about digitalization has changed radically, we see daily business people who rely on software when they want to take the next step, towards growth “, adds Roxana Epure. In 2021, the turnover of CIEL Romania was 1.6 million euros, with 15% over 2020.

In fact, the first part of 2020 was extremely challenging, with reorganizations on the way, so that CIEL’s business fits into the new context. The company quickly came up with new services, such as database maintenance and hosting or certain integrations with e-shop applications in just a few weeks. “Initially, in March, when the lockdown started, everything stopped. The focus was on the pandemic. (…) But by the end of 2020 we have recovered from the slowdown in the spring and closed the year with an increase compared to 2019. We still strive to keep under control the challenges of working from home and the meetings that are too rare face to face “, adds Roxana Epure, in the case of CIEL Romania being a team of 60 people.

An increase in the number of new customers is also forecast for this year, after, in 2021, the number of companies subscribing to CIEL software and services exceeded 5,000. Noting that the number of users who do not have annual subscriptions, but have been using CIEL software for several years, exceeds 10,000.

Young people who become entrepreneurs today, says Epure, have a double chance of success compared to ten years ago, because they open fully digitized companies. According to a study conducted by Insights PulseZ, almost 40% of young Romanians in generation Z (those who are now between 18 and 23 years old) intend to open a business, in the top of the areas they want to address being HoReCa (35%), real estate (21%), communication and marketing (20%), art and culture (18%), services (18% – accounting, banking, communications, law).

“It is a very small investment for a software that supports your activity and reduces your administrative time by half. Costs start at 10 euros per month or just over 100 euros per year. The compass of success must be the real-time figures, the data reports that a software offers “, adds Roxana Epure, explaining that in the company’s client portfolio there are a lot of creative businesses.

What do they all have in common? An information system, well developed and updated according to the latest trends, tailored exactly to their needs.

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