Bill Browder: The war in Ukraine could last 10 years -

Bill Browder: The war in Ukraine could last 10 years –

Vladimir Putin’s biggest critic says the war in Ukraine could continue for the next eight years, adding that hundreds of thousands of people could end up in this bloody conflict.

Hundreds of thousands of people could be killed in this conflict

In his opinion, this bloody war between Russia and Ukraine could last another decade and could result in hundreds of thousands of deaths, warned one of Vladimir Putin’s fiercest critics, Bill Browder.

Thus, the British financier and political activist of American origin Bill Browder stated that the West only wakes up now, 22 years too late, to the fact that Putin is a “monster”.

Bill Browder: “This war is not over,” he said. “The war did not start on February 24, it started in 2014, when Putin conquered the Ukrainian territory of Crimea.”

He has accused many in the West of “mental gymnastics” over the past eight years in calling the war the work of “Russia-backed separatists” rather than an official Kremlin-sanctioned mission.

In fact, Bill Browder has been dubbed one of Putin’s “true enemies” and is believed to be on the Kremlin leader’s blacklist, following multiple attempts to arrest him and death threats.

The war may continue for the next 8 years

Earlier, he told the US Congress that “crazy Vlad is the greatest oligarch in Russia and the richest man in the world”, estimating that his fortune could reach 150 billion pounds.

Thus, “This war could easily continue for another eight years,” the anti-corruption activist told The Sun Online. “Putin will not give up, and the Ukrainians will not give up.”

He added: “The closest comparison is the decade-long Iran-Iraq war that killed a million people.”

Putin’s new escalations, if the war goes wrong for Russia

Moreover, he warned of a further escalation by Putin if the war continues to go wrong for Russia.

In his view, “Putin has failed catastrophically both in terms of military strategy and in terms of its interaction with the West,” he said. “The military and its economy are decimated, none of them have been predicted by him, and I suspect that Putin’s next step is a kind of dramatic escalation, if not to gain the advantage, then at least to show how brutal it is. . ”

In his warnings, he said that if the Russian president decides that a military victory is impossible, he will instead aim for a “scorched earth” policy, repeating the devastation of Mariupol throughout Ukraine.

This could be followed by the full mobilization of up to two million Russian reservists and even a biological, chemical or nuclear attack.

Putin could take on the North Korean model

He also warned that Putin could also be prepared to follow North Korea’s example and turn his nation into a war economy that existed only for the conflict with Ukraine.

“If Putin wants to do the same thing as Kim Jong-un, he can starve his people and keep fighting for a while,” he said. “He certainly has the resources.”

On the other hand, he also denied that Putin’s actions in Ukraine were not characteristic of the Russian president.