Brand Finance: What are the most valuable brands

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Louis Vuitton is the only luxury company that is in the top 10 of the most valuable European brands, according to the latest report from Brand Finance, Fashion United reports.

In the annual report Europa 500 2022, Mercedes-Benz is at the top of the list of the most valuable brands, and Ferrari is the strongest. Louis Vuitton ranks 8th among the most valuable companies. In a separate assessment of power, Dior is ranked 6th most powerful brand and Louis Vuitton number 9.

5,000 of the largest brands in Europe are valued

Each year, the leading brand valuation consulting firm, Brand Finance, tests 5,000 of the largest brands and publishes about 100 reports, ranking brands in all sectors and countries. The relative strength of brands is calculated through a balanced scoring table of metrics that assesses investment in marketing, stakeholder equity and business performance.

With a brand value of 20.2 billion euros, Louis Vuitton is among the top ten car and service companies, which also include Shell, Porsche and Siemens.

Gucci, owned by Kering, ranks 17th with a valuation of 15.6 billion euros. Chanel, which ranks 24th, is the only other fashion company in the top 25 and is valued at 13.2 billion euros.

Elsewhere, the retail and clothing sectors account for 11 percent and 9.1 percent in the top 500, respectively, with a total of 92 companies. Hermes this year is on the 30th, and the giants Zara and H&M on the 32nd, respectively 35. L’Oréal is the only cosmetics and personal care company in the top 50, occupying the 42nd place, with a valuation of 9.67 billion euros.

Of the 500 companies listed, the UK has the largest number of companies on display, while Germany is at the head of the evaluation board.