Bruce Willis has his own category in Golden Raspberry, with

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Bruce Willis is in the running for the 2022 Razzie Awards this year with eight films. These awards parody the Oscars, awarding the worst films of the year.

The organizers of these satirical trophies have therefore created a category dedicated to the actor, entitled “The worst performances of Bruce Willis in a movie in 2021”, writes AFP, quoted by news.ro.

In these works, generally on a small budget and broadcast only online, the star of the “Die Hard” franchise has the roles of blazon sheriff, police officer, retired general or former CIA agent.

None of these films, in which Bruce Willis often appears for a short time, but which he promotes, have received 20% of the positive reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes website, which collects the scores of films from various sources.

Rare performance, three of these films (“American Siege”, “Apex” and “Out of Death”) show a score of 0% from critics.

“Diana” is “favorite”

The film that received the most nominations is the musical dedicated to Princess Diana and broadcast by Netflix. The film is in the running for nine categories, including “Worst Feature Film.” The musical had only 33 performances on Broadway.

Jared Leto also stood out for the Golden Raspberry with his exuberant performance and Italian accent in “House of Gucci”. He is selected as the “most inappropriate couple on screen” because “he wore an 8-pound latex mask, nerdy clothes and a ridiculous accent.”

These ironies should not prevent the actor from appearing on the list of Oscar nominations for “Best Supporting Actor”, which will be announced on Tuesday.

Other celebrities nominated for Golden Raspberry include NBA star LeBron James for his “Space Jam” costume.

The “Golden Raspberry Awards”, unofficially called “Razzies”, were invented in a bar in Los Angeles in 1981 by former film students and Hollywood professionals.

The winners will receive trophies resembling a golf ball the size of a Super 8 movie reel. The winners will be announced one day before the Oscar ceremony on March 26.