China acts as mediator in the Russian conflict

China acts as mediator in the Russian conflict

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke on Monday (March 7th) about the conflict in Ukraine and said that Beijing is already “mediating”. At the same time, the senior official also said that the friendship between China and Russia is “solid as a rock” and the prospects for cooperation between the two countries are very broad.

China intervenes in the conflict in Ukraine! I strive to promote peace and dialogue

The statement was made by the Chinese Foreign Minister at the annual press conference on the occasion of the session of the National People’s Assembly (PNA, parliament) which is being held this week in Beijing, according to information transmitted by

In this context, the head of Chinese diplomacy stressed that both peoples benefit from the cooperation between the two states.

China is “already acting as a mediator” between Ukraine and Russia, Wang Yi said, stressing that Beijing will work to provide humanitarian assistance that “cannot be politicized,” according to the source.

Thus, “Peace and dialogue must be promoted, and China has already made some efforts in this regard. There have been two rounds of negotiations and hopefully a third. The more differences there are, the greater the need to sit down at the negotiating table, “said the Chinese foreign minister.

So far, China has taken an ambiguous stance on the conflict in Ukraine – avoided using the word “invasion” – insisting on “respecting the territorial integrity of all countries” and paying attention to Russia’s “legitimate demands in security, ”the source said.

On the other hand, China insisted that the situation in Taiwan and Ukraine is different, because Taiwan has always been part of China, Wang Yi said.

Russia is preparing to storm Kiev

Wang Yi’s statement was made in the context in which the Ukrainian army announced this morning that the Russian troops are preparing to attack the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. In a bulletin released in the early hours of Monday morning, the General Staff reported that the Russian troops intend to take full control of the cities of Irpin and Bucea, not far from Kyiv, reports dpa.

Currently, Russian troops are “trying to gain a tactical advantage to reach the eastern outskirts of Kiev, through the Brovarski and Borispil districts,” the bulletin said.

Therefore, “A relatively large number of Russian (military) equipment and Russian troops are concentrated near Kiev,” Interior Ministry adviser Vadim Denisenko was quoted as saying by the Ukrainian online newspaper Ukrainska Pravda.

“We understand that the battle for Kyiv is a key battle (which we will fight) in the coming days,” he added.

On the other hand, the office of the Ukrainian president announced that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians must be evacuated from their cities immediately.