China has begun a "military operation" around the island

China has begun a “military operation” around the island

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the Eastern command of the Chinese army announced the launch of several “joint military operations” carried out around the island of Taiwan, informs the Chinese state agency Xinhua.

Beijing had initially announced, shortly after Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taipei, that it would conduct “major military exercises” and “training activities” in 6 maritime zones and airspaces around Taiwan.

In the comparable context, basically, after just one day, Beijing replaced the phrase “military exercises” with “military operations” in its official communications.

So that the respective “military operations” will take place, according to Beijing, in the form of “training exercises” in the maritime areas to the north, southwest and southeast of the coast of the island of Taiwan, as well as in the airspace of these areas and will conduct “long-range” war munition firings as well as “conventional missile” tests in the maritime area east of this island.

Concretely, “Military operations have a severe deterrent role in the context of the recent escalation of tensions caused by the undesirable actions of the United States on the issue of Taiwan, and represent a serious warning to separatist actions that pursue “Taiwan independence”, the Chinese military said in a statement.

China could, in theory, occupy Taiwan, but at the cost of carnage. “It would be a massacre for the Chinese fleet”

In a CNN analysis, “China has the military power and capability to occupy Taiwan, but such a victory would come at an extremely high cost to the Chinese military. The invasion of Taiwan is not possible without an actual landing action on this island, an action much more complex and risky than the landing in Normandy during the Second World War. According to historical documents, the losses suffered by the Allied and German forces during the three months of the Normandy campaign amount to more than 500,000 soldiers killed, wounded and missing.

According to military experts, it is extremely difficult – even for a modern 21st century army – to transport an invasion force by sea and safely cross 177 kilometers at sea, equivalent to the width of the Taiwan Strait that separates mainland China from the island of Taiwan .

So, “The Chinese army would have to transport thousands of tanks, artillery pieces, armored personnel carriers and rocket launchers along with the soldiers. There are mountains of equipment and veritable “lakes” of fuel that must be transported by water,” according to an analysis by The Diplomat last year, quoted by CNN.

“It would be a massacre for the Chinese fleet,” said Phillips O’Brien, a professor of strategic studies at the University of St. Andrews of Scotland.

The US ambassador to China, summoned “urgently” to Beijing

Taiwan authorities say China’s military exercises violate its territory and challenge international order. Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said the island would firmly defend its security. Japan and South Korea have called for dialogue.

In this sense, the Chinese deputy foreign minister, Xie Feng, “urgently” summoned the American ambassador in Beijing, Nicholas Burns, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.

At the same time, the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, condemned the visit to Taiwan by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, a gesture that seriously violates the “One China” principle and the sovereignty of the Chinese state.

Taiwan’s complicated situation is the legacy of the Chinese Civil War (1927-1949), which ended after World War II with the victory of the Communists in mainland China and the refuge of Communist opponents on the island of Taiwan.

In the political context, China (n. – People’s Republic of China, official name) considers Taiwan (n. – Republic of China) to be part of its territory and under its “One China” policy refuses to have diplomatic relations with any country that recognizes the Taiwanese government as a distinct country or as the legitimate government of China.

Therefore, Beijing considers Taiwan’s declaration of independence a red line and has threatened war if this happens.