Chinese official: Sanctions imposed by nations

Photo source: CGTN

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A senior Chinese government official claims that the sanctions imposed by Western nations on Russia because of Ukraine are becoming more and more “scandalous”, Reuters reports, according to News.ro.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng also says that NATO should not continue to expand eastwards, forcing a nuclear power like Russia “in the corner”.

China has not condemned Russia’s invasion – refusing to call it an invasion – but has expressed deep concern over the war. He also opposed sanctions against Moscow.

“Sanctions against Russia are becoming more and more outrageous.”

Le Yucheng told Beijing Security Forum, adding that Russian citizens have been deprived of export goods

“no reason”.

“History has repeatedly shown that sanctions cannot solve problems. Sanctions will only harm ordinary people, affect the economic and financial system… and worsen the global economy. “

said the senior Chinese official.