Csaba Dömötör: Sanctions against Russia have not reached their goal

Csaba Dömötör: Sanctions against Russia have not reached their goal

In the context of the events of the last year, all the sanctions against Russia have not achieved their goal, says Hungarian Secretary of State Csaba Dömötör. He stated, on the public radio station, that Europe suffers more than the Russian Federation.

Sanctions against Russia are not achieving their goal

In his analysis, the sanctions imposed on Russia harm Europe more than the country led by Vladimir Putin, says Hungarian State Secretary Csaba Dömötör.

Thus, “Sanctions have a big impact, just not where they should. The EU sanctions do not put an increasingly heavy burden on the country that started the war, but on Europe and the European economy”, he said during Sunday, on the public radio station.

In addition, the Hungarian secretary of state also says that the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation, which are intended to affect the economy of this country, are not achieving their goal.

Specifically, “There is not a single person in Europe who does not feel the inflationary impact of a missed sanctions policy in one form or another, from higher utility bills to transport or agriculture,” he warned.

He also said that the sanctions policy is not the “magic bullet” but a form of economic “self-mutilation”, the secretary of state added.

Europe’s economy is in decline

In comparative context, while Europe’s economy is in sharp decline, unemployment is rising, and the euro is steadily depreciating against the dollar, Russia is experiencing a smaller-than-expected economic slowdown and is running the second largest surplus of the world’s balance of payments, he pointed out.

In his opinion, “The EU is dependent on Russian gas supplies, but instead of changing course, it wants to implement a series of measures, such as imposing a price ceiling on Russian gas supplies, which would be a disguised sanction in trade regulation and would entail the serious risk of Russia stopping gas supplies,” warned Csaba Dömötör, according to Hungary Today.

US imposes new sanctions on Russia as war drags on

Today, the United States announced a new wave of sanctions against Russia’s military intelligence and defense industry, as well as those accused of stealing Ukrainian crops, in a new attempt to limit President Vladimir Putin’s ability to carry a war.

In that regard, the State Department sanctioned 31 defense, technology and electronics entities, while the Treasury Department imposed restrictions on 22 officials, including individuals who “oversaw the seizure or theft of hundreds of thousands of tons of Ukrainian grain,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement.

In his remarks, “Those designated today — from the perpetrators of the violence to an official who facilitated the intentional removal of children from Ukraine — exemplify the behavior that has become synonymous with the Russian government’s unprovoked war,” Blinken said.

So, “Thursday’s sanctions also included Commerce Department export controls on items that Belarus and Russia could use for biological or chemical weapons,” Blinken said. The US also imposed new sanctions on Russia’s Central Intelligence Agency, which it said was involved in forced deportations and the separation of Ukrainian children from their parents.