Dmitry Medvedev: The fat and obscene US empire no longer has

Dmitry Medvedev: The fat and obscene US empire no longer has

Currently, Dmitry Medvedev, one of Vladimir Putin’s close associates and a former president of the Russian Federation while Putin served as prime minister, said in a post on his Telegram account that the American empire, which he called fat and obscene, he has little to live for.

Thus, “It is becoming increasingly difficult for the United States to” dictate the rules for the rest of the planet. Exaggerated and unjustified imperial ambitions are a sure sign that the empire, fat and obscene, does not have much time to live, “said the current vice-president of the Moscow Security Council.

Medvedev: The world is no longer willing to live by Anglo-Saxon rules, power is elsewhere now

In his opinion, the Russian official added that many people will continue to believe in the US mission and in the fact that the Americans are an exceptional people, but this will not be very helpful, and the world order that Washington has imposed will be collapsed, finally.

Thus, “The world ready to live by the Anglo-Saxon rules is shrinking more and more.

Not even money and nuclear warheads are needed. Maybe because the power is elsewhere, “Dmitry Medvedev said.

The Americans, recently threatened with “God’s wrath” by the Russian official

In fact, this is not the first time that Medvedev has launched a tirade against the United States.

Recently, the Russian official warned the United States that “God’s wrath” could befall them if they continued to advocate for the establishment of an international court to investigate Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

In his visions, “Ever since the subjugation of the native Indian population, the entire history of the United States has been a series of bloody wars,” Medvedev said, referring to the US nuclear bombing of Japan during World War II. and the Vietnam War.

He wondered, “Has anyone been held accountable for those crimes? Did any court condemn the US bloodshed created there? (…)

“The United States and its jealousy must remember the words of the Bible: ‘Do not judge, and then you will not be judged — so that the great day of His wrath will not one day fall upon their homes,'” he added. Dmitry Medvedev.