Dutch universities suggest foreign students to

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Several universities in the Netherlands, including those in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Maastricht, are urging foreign students who want to join them to re-evaluate their study option and consider other higher education institutions, according to Edupedu, which cites The Brussels Times.

Those who have not found a place to stay until the beginning of August are advised to also consider the possibility of applying to other educational institutions, according to a representative of the Free University of Amsterdam for the Dutch news agency ANP.

The Brussels Times notes that since the beginning of the year, the Free University has been warning that there are difficulties in finding accommodation in the Dutch capital. The situation is similar in Utrecht, where students who have not found accommodation are also urged to consider studying elsewhere. And the University of Twente has also asked students who have nowhere to stay to move to other localities, according to the quoted source.

This shows that, at the beginning of the previous academic year, more than 26,000 students in the Netherlands had nowhere to live, according to data from a center specialized in the field. The number of students increased, in the last academic year, by 12%, up to 115,000. Foreign students make up about a quarter of the total student population in Amsterdam and over half (56%) in Maastricht. However, available accommodation has not kept pace with their numbers, and foreign students generally cannot rely on an already established network to find a room.