EC: Europe will find it difficult to find alternatives to

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EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski has warned that it will be difficult for the European Union to find alternative sources of grain and oil supply, which it has so far imported from Ukraine and is used by the European agri-food sector. for human consumption, but also in animal husbandry, including pig farming, reports the EFE agency, quoted by Agerpres.

“The European pig farming sector is heavily dependent on imports from Ukraine for a variety of cereals and oilseeds. It will be difficult to find alternative sources of supply in an already small and expensive market, “the European commissioner said in a Twitter post.

His message is linked to the first meeting of the European Pork Reflection Group on Thursday, which was attended by representatives of the Member States and the distribution chain in the industry.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, to which the EU has responded by imposing sanctions on Russia, in addition to the already existing difficulties in the pig farming sector, such as swine fever, rising energy and feed costs, will create “new challenges for its own” in the coming months. our agri-food system “, the European Commissioner also warned.