Entire village in France, bought by two Britons. How

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An English couple bought a village in France for 22,000 pounds (about 26,000 euros), less than the down payment for any house in their home country, according to Digi 24, citing The Independent.

Paul Mappley and Yip Ward, both 48, landscapers, bought the hamlet of La Busliere in Normandy for just £22,000, which is around €26,000, because they didn’t want to give away a fortune on a property with them home in Kent. La Busliere has a row of cottages, two barns, a stable, a two-story workshop, a well, a cider mill and a bread oven, all surrounded by two hectares of land.

The two said they plan to turn the hamlet into a luxury vacation destination.

In the UK, the two lived in a friend’s caravan. When they started looking for a home, they realized that in Kent a very small house was up to £250,000 and that was not an option for them.

In 2019, another friend offered them the opportunity to buy a terraced house in La Busliere, for just 12,000 euros. The cottage was dilapidated but still livable with access to basic amenities. After renovating it, the two thought of renovating the other abandoned houses as well, because the state of disrepair gave them a feeling of “sadness”.

In 2021, after contacting the owners of the other buildings, the two Brits received word that the entire hamlet was for sale for €14,000 (around £12,000).

Although the renovation will be expensive and take time, the two Brits happily accepted the challenge.

“We don’t have the money yet to do what we want, but we want to get to a stage where we know they won’t collapse,” Channel 4’s Paul Mappley said, as quoted by The Independent. “Owning any building is a dream, but something like this with so much history gives you an amazing feeling. We are extremely lucky,” he added.