Environmental activists are taking legal action against

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Environmental organizations are taking legal action against new EU rules that label future investments in nuclear power plants or gas infrastructure as environmentally friendly, according to a press release published on Monday, reports DPA, cited by Agerpres.

A group of environmental organizations, including WWF and Greenpeace, submitted a motion asking the European Commission to review the regulation and eventually withdraw it.

If the European Commission does not withdraw the legislation, environmental activists intend to refer the matter to the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

Starting in January, gas and nuclear power would be included in a so-called taxonomy, which defines the areas where citizens and companies can invest money to combat climate change.

The measure was approved by the European Parliament and member states, despite criticism that burning the gas produces carbon dioxide (CO2) that is harmful to the environment and that there is no definitive solution for storing radioactive waste from nuclear power plants.

Environmental groups argue that the new classification violates EU climate law and contradicts the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement to limit, if possible, global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Some activists point out that gas prices are the main source of the increase in the cost of living, and promoting gas-based energy would be contrary to the EU’s clean energy goals.

Criticism from environmental organizations towards the EC’s climate policies has increased in recent days.

Another group of activists opened a lawsuit at the ECJ on Friday challenging the “environmentally friendly” classification given to some bioenergy and forestry projects, arguing that such labeling would fuel deforestation.

Last week, some non-governmental organizations withdrew from a consultative platform that worked on the new classification together with the European Commission.