EU-US bilateral trade has been unblocked in another area:

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Bilateral trade in edible molluscs between the European Union and the United States is set to resume after a 10-year hiatus after the two sides finally settled their dispute over regulating the sector, according to a press release. of the European Commission.

Sales of mussels, mussels, oysters and a number of other edible bivalve mollusc species will resume at the end of this month, according to the European Commission’s announcement, after the Brussels Executive adopted legislation in this regard.

Following the new regulations, two EU member states – Spain and the Netherlands – will be allowed to export edible molluscs to the US, while two US states – Massachusetts and Washington – will be able to do the same in the EU.

“We are pleased that the trust-based transatlantic relationship between the EU and the US is reopening an important trade route between our regions, in the bivalve mollusc segment. This is good news for food operators and consumers on both sides of the Atlantic. Trade will resume soon and I look forward to expanding this opportunity to more EU Member States in the near future, “said EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides.

In 2011, trade in edible molluscs between the EU and the US has been banned since 2011 due to differences in the regulatory standards of the two regions. The European Commission and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) then began discussing the mutual recognition of production systems.

The joint decision of the Commission and the FDA is another first: this is the first time the FDA has issued an equivalence determination that gives EU producers access to the US market.