Eugen Tomac: Ukraine is changing its approach to the minority

Photo source: Governance Course

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MEP Eugen Tomac says President Zelensky’s statement on signing a new agreement with Romania is a premiere of the way Ukraine treats the Romanian minority, “the most tense topic on the bilateral agenda” so far.

“Zelenski said in an interview with the Russian press yesterday that he wants to sign an agreement with Romania for the protection of the Romanian language in the neighboring state, as a sign of respect for the Romanian minority.

This is the first time that Ukraine has come up with such an approach, given that Romanians are the second national minority, and this issue has been the most tense topic on the bilateral agenda, “Eugen Tomac said in a Facebook post.

According to SpotMedia, the interview was given to the anti-Putin Meduza portal, Dojd television and the Kommersant newspaper, with journalists risking up to 15 years in prison if they publish it, according to the new law adopted in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

In the interview, Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that there are several points on the negotiating table, such as the protection of the Russian language in Ukraine, noting that they also need compromises.

According to Zelenski, such a compromise could be a formula for “mutual respect for the languages ​​of neighboring countries.”

“I want to sign it with all the neighboring countries. I am interested in Russia, Hungary, Poland, Romania. We have many minorities, nationalities, and this agreement should be enough to respect certain languages ​​in our country, “said the Ukrainian president.