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The tool developed by the European Commission, through which those interested can find out the costs of sending a package to and from any state in the European Union, is currently available in Romanian, the National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) announced on Tuesday.

Thus, users can find out from the application how much it costs to send an internal or cross-border parcel to the EU, depending on its type and weight, having access to the tariffs charged by providers active in the postal services market nationally who have the obligation to report these tariffs.

“The application was developed as a result of the application of the Regulation on cross-border parcel delivery services, adopted by the European Parliament and Council in 2018 to encourage competition by increasing the transparency of tariffs for these services,” ANCOM said in a statement sent to AGERPRES.

The regulation requires suppliers with 50 or more employees, as well as suppliers established in more than one EU country, to provide the national regulatory authority in their country with domestic and cross-border tariffs for up to 15 basic parcel delivery services (in In some cases, regulators may have used a threshold of 25 employees to take into account certain conditions in their country).

According to the quoted source, in the case of Romania, the established threshold requires that providers with over 50 employees, as well as those established in more than one EU country, transmit the tariffs for the services provided by the Regulation. Based on reports from national authorities, the European Commission centralises and publishes providers’ charges in the application for users of postal services across the Union.

The information on the tariffs is valid starting with January 1 of each year, does not include VAT and is updated every year on March 31, the published tariffs being reported in local currency and in euro. The exchange rate applied by the European Central Bank on 31 March is used for conversion into euros.

ANCOM points out that the displayed tariff reported by a supplier for a parcel delivery service may include certain conditions and restrictions. In many cases, the characteristics of a parcel delivery service may differ from one supplier to another.

The regulation adopted by the European Parliament and the Council will apply from 22 May 2018 and contribute to the better functioning of the markets, ensuring a more efficient and coherent supervision of the parcel markets.

The application of the Regulation aims to increase the transparency of tariffs, in order to reduce unjustified tariff differences as well as tariffs paid by individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises, especially those in isolated or sparsely populated areas.

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