Eurostat data: Bulgaria, the surprise of the top manufacturers

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In 2021, EU member states produced 3.5 million pairs of skis and snowboards, of which almost half (1.6 million) were produced in Austria. Austria also ranks first in the top exporters of these products, followed by Bulgaria and France, according to data from the European Bureau of Statistics – Eurostat.

Of the amount of skis and snowboards produced in the EU, more than half (1.9 million units) were exported outside the EU, mainly to the US, according to data released on Saturday by Eurostat.

Among the Member States, the largest exporters of skis and snowboards were: Austria (2.1 million), Bulgaria (564,700) and France (551,200).

The data show that more than a third of the EU’s ski and snowboard production has reached the United States (708,800, or 37% of total non-EU exports), followed by Switzerland (289,600, or 15%) and Canada (277,900). all 15%).

Also last year, the European Union imported 1.1 million skis and snowboards from outside the EU bloc, and almost half (48%) came from Ukraine (529,800), followed by China, with 30% of the total (328,500).

Among the Member States, Austria was the largest importer of skis and snowboards in the EU, with 1.7 million registered units. In the top are also: France – with 825,100 copies, and Germany (549,200).

Photo source: Eurostat.