Extremely rare event in the history of the UN, the 193 members

Extremely rare event in the history of the UN, the 193 members

At the request of Western countries, the UN Security Council has now adopted a resolution convening a “special emergency session” of the UN General Assembly on Monday for its 193 members to decide on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. AFP.

In this regard, the resolution, supported by the United States and Albania, was adopted by 11 countries. Russia voted against, the United Arab Emirates, China and India abstained. No veto was possible for this notification in accordance with the UN regulations in force, according to Agerpres.ro.

From a political point of view, the resolution was adopted on the basis of a procedure established in 1950, the referral “Union for the maintenance of peace” is a major setback for Russia on the international diplomatic stage and could not be vetoed by one of the five permanent members. of the Security Council, of which Russia is a member.

On Friday, Moscow rejected a resolution initiated by the United States and Albania condemning the Russian invasion and calling for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Ukraine.

This exceptional notification of the General Assembly, an extremely rare event in the history of the UN, will allow the 193 members of the UN to position themselves on the conflict between the supporters of democracy and sovereignty of Ukraine and the supporters of Moscow.

Thus, “taking into account the fact that the lack of unanimity of its permanent members” on Friday “prevented it from exercising its main responsibility in maintaining international peace and security”, the Security Council “decides to convene an extraordinary emergency session of the General Assembly”. in the adopted resolution.

In the context of Monday’s special session of the General Assembly, which is scheduled to begin at 10:00 am (15:00 GMT), it will be opened by the chairman of this body and the UN secretary general.

Therefore, on Monday afternoon, at the request of France, an emergency meeting of the Security Council, the fifth in the last week, is scheduled for 15:00 (20:00 GMT). It will include a presentation on the humanitarian crisis in Europe caused by Russia. France intends to adopt a resolution at this meeting “calling for an end to hostilities and the protection of civilians” as well as “unhindered humanitarian access”.

At the same time, on Sunday, February 27, Russia’s position on the resolution was unknown.