Famous Italian resorts fine you drastically if you

View from the port of Sorrento to the old town. Photo: wantedinrome.com

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The fact that Italians are obsessed with fashion is more than a prejudice. It also seems obvious when you look at the different dress codes in the holiday regions. In the popular seaside resort of Sorrento in southern Italy, fines of up to 500 euros have now been imposed for walking around the city in a bathing suit or naked bust, writes Kleine Zeitung.

This, unimaginable for the Romanian tourist on the coast, for example, is also true for men who walk “topless” on the street. According to the decree of the mayor Massimo Coppola, the numerous tourists who roam the half-empty streets would damage the reputation of the city of Sorrento and would cause unrest among the locals.

In Italy, attention is also paid to the safety of tourists, who are often not properly equipped on holiday.

Slippers forbidden in the Cinque Terre

Another already famous rule in Italy is the ban on the use of slippers and slippers on hiking trails in the tourist region of Cinque Terre in Liguria. The national park in the Liguria region warns that anyone who does not wear the right shoes should expect fines of 50 to 2,500 euros. The reason is the numerous injuries caused by inappropriate footwear.

Often, those affected have to be brought from the park by helicopter, which is a laborious and very expensive process for the Italian state.

The announcement comes as the flow of tourists from the picturesque villages on the cliffs, which are connected by a hiking trail, has suddenly increased again after two years of pandemic. Especially cruise tourists, who dock in the nearby port of La Spezia, roam the small towns in slippers or even high heels in summer. This often leads to serious and costly injuries.