Ferrero stops production at its Belgian plant. All

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The Federal Food Safety Agency (AFSCA) has decided to temporarily close the Ferrero chocolate factory in Arlon due to the recent outbreak of salmonella. Also, all products must be removed from the shelves, according to Retail Detail.

“Based on the investigations carried out by AFSCA and the observation made in the last hours that the company is not able to provide complete information for this investigation, the Agency today withdraws the authorization for the factory in Arlon,” AFSCA said on its website.

All products that were produced in Arlon will be removed from the shelves and are recalled at the factory: they refer to all Kinder Surprise, Kinder Surprise Maxi, Kinder Mini Eggs and Schoko-bons products, regardless of batch number or date. expiration. Retailers are also asked to remove the products from the shelves.

AFSCA says it is closely following all of Ferrero’s efforts and will only allow the factory to reopen when the manufacturer is able to provide the necessary guarantees for compliance with food safety rules and regulations. The agency also calls for Ferrero to improve its customer service.

In recent days, Ferrero has already received a lot of criticism for his late and weak communication in the crisis. This AFSCA decision is therefore a firm accusation against the chocolate maker.