For Suleiman Karimov, the US froze assets of more than one

For Suleiman Karimov, the US froze assets of more than one

The Federal Reserve System of the United States of America (The Fed) announced on Thursday evening that it froze assets worth over one billion US dollars that belonged to a company registered on American territory, but which actually belongs to an oligarch. Russian, active on the Russian political scene.

Thus, Suleiman Karimov, whose assets were frozen by the Federal Reserve System of the United States of America (The Fed), had been sanctioned by the Washington Government even before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

An investigation by the US authorities “revealed that Suleiman Karimov used a complex series of legal structures and intermediaries to conceal his interests in the Heritage Trust”, an American company based in the American state of Delaware. Delaware is the fiefdom of US President Joe Biden and has a very advantageous tax regime for commercial companies, thus attracting many foreign companies.

Since 2018, Suleiman Karimov has been on the US blacklist for alleged money laundering, and now he is on the list of Russian oligarchs sanctioned by the West due to Russian military aggression in Ukraine, reports the AFP news agency.

In fact, the United States has recently decided to impose a new round of sanctions against Russia, in line with the commitments made at the G7 Summit in Germany.

The United States has imposed new economic sanctions on Russia

The United States Treasury Department said it had imposed sanctions on 70 entities, many of which were essential to Russia’s defense defense base.

In addition, it imposed sanctions against 45 entities and 29 people, including Russian military units and the FSB intelligence agency, the Treasury said. More than 500 Russian military officers will also be affected by visa restrictions, as will other officials.

In his view, “Targeting Russia’s defense industry will reduce the capabilities of Russian President Vladimir Putin and further hinder the war against Ukraine, which has already been hit by low morale, broken supply chains and logistical failures.” Janet Yellen, the US Secretary of the Treasury, told Reuters on Tuesday.

But Rostec, the Russian state aerospace and defense conglomerate, is also on the sanctions list. According to the US Treasury, “Rostec’s management umbrella includes over 800 entities from a wide range of sectors.” All entities 50% or more owned, directly or indirectly, by Rostec are blocked.

Another sanctioned company is United Aircraft Corporation, the manufacturer of Russian fighter jets MiG and Sukhoi, a company majority owned by Rostec. The US Treasury said the measure was aimed at “weakening Russia’s ability to continue its air assault on Ukraine”.

The famous Tupolev company, the manufacturer of Russian strategic bombers and transport planes, was also sanctioned. The new sanctions also ban the import of Russian gold, except for those located outside Russia before June 28, 2022.

In the value context, gold is Russia’s largest non-energy export and a crucial asset for the country’s National Bank, which has faced restrictions on access to some of its assets held abroad due to Western sanctions.