For the second time this year, Samsung fell prey

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For the second time already this year, Samsung fell victim to hackers, who, this time, left with customer information, reports Reuters.

At the end of July, unauthorized persons gained access to some of Samsung’s systems in the United States, the Korean company announced in a brief statement.

The attack was identified on August 4, however, customers are being notified only now, almost a month after the company learned of the incident.

The hackers gained access to Samsung customer data, such as name, date of birth, address, demographic information (unspecified) and information about products purchased.

The hackers also did not have access to credit card information, say company officials, who avoid saying, however, why they need a month to notify their customers.

Samsung is already on its second such incident in 2022, which does not paint a favorable picture, especially for a tech company. In March, hackers from the Lapsus$ group stole 200GB of data from Samsung, including the source code of several technologies and algorithms for biometric device unlocking.