France, behind the preparations for the Olympic Games in

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Two years before the opening of the Olympic Games in Paris, while France is faced with rising inflation amid the war in Ukraine, the authorities are experiencing some delay in preparing the venues where the competitions will take place. Many wonder if these games can be organized without going over budget. The Olympic Games will take place in Paris in 2024, between July 26 and August 11, and the Paralympic Games between August 28 and September 8, 2024.

France is currently experiencing delays in the preparation of the 2024 Olympic Games that it will host, RFI announces.

At the time of candidacy, in 2016, Paris provided for a budget of 6.2 billion euros and it has already reached 7.7 billion euros.

Jean Pascal Gayant, sports economist:

“It is not a huge delay and we can imagine that it will be recovered. The problem is that, being Olympic games, everything has to be prepared for day X, we cannot inaugurate a pool or a public field after this day. Now, at the last OJs that were organized, they worked intensively so that the construction sites were completed on time, they worked at night, they worked overtime so, yes, there is, of course, an additional cost. Everything will be prepared in due time, but costs may increase along the way.”

Inflation, the war in Ukraine, the pressing time – all can increase the bill of these Olympic Games, explains Jean-Pascal Gayant:

“At the time of candidacy, in 2016, the budget was 6.2 billion euros and has already exceeded 7.7 billion euros, and inflation will also add to it. There is no doubt that a bill close to 10 billion euros will be reached, because we have seen in everything that has been organized so far that it has not fallen below this amount, it has even gone over 10 billion dollars. So I don’t see how Paris will be able to do more, because there will be new Olympic trials, with less money. With inflation, at least 10% will be added, and next year I think it will be announced that we exceed 8 billion euros as a budget so that at the final balance sheet we can see that we have reached 10 billion euros”.

President Emmanuel Macron says there will be no tax on the Olympics, but that “the games must finance the games”.

Emmanuel Macron claims that the state will buy 400,000 tickets for these Olympics that will take place between July 26 and August 11, 2024. The tickets will be distributed to young people and students, especially those who are under 16 years old. They will also benefit volunteers who will be involved in organizing these games, but also in sports, in general, in France.

At the same time, tickets will also be awarded to the communities that help organize the OJ.

In total, 10 million tickets will go on sale for the Olympic Games and more than 3 million tickets for the Paralympic Games.

What budgets did other capitals have?

The 2012 London Olympics cost $15 billion.

Those in Rio, from 2016, cost over 13 billion dollars. And the Tokyo Olympics, which were supposed to take place in 2020 but were finally organized in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, cost, according to the official figure, 13 billion dollars.

Each time, the bill kept increasing, compared to the one originally established and announced for the construction of sports infrastructures and for the organization of the entire event itself.

An arena is currently under construction in the north-east of Paris, and should be completed in 2023, an aquatics center is rising in Saint-Denis, near the Stade de France, near Paris, and work is due to be completed in the spring of 2024. The Olympic trials of polo, jumping and synchronized swimming will take place here. The grandstand will have a capacity of 5,000 seats.

After the 2024 Olympics, this aquatic center will be available for swimming lovers and will be able to host national and international competitions.

But, the biggest site is the Olympic village, where the athletes and their teams will live. It rises near the Stade de France – between Saint-Denis, Saint-Denis Island and Saint-Ouen.

37 cranes and approximately 1,500 workers are currently working here. Located 5 minutes from the Stade de France, the Olympic Village will be able to host 14,000 athletes and their teams.

For the Olympic Games, 7 hectares of green spaces are set up here.

Once the Olympic Games are over, the village will be transformed into a neighborhood that will be able to accommodate 6,000 inhabitants and where the same number of employees will be able to work.

More specifically, 2,000 social housing units will be built, and in addition, almost 800 housing units will be intended for students. A hotel with over 100 rooms will also be built. 2 school groups will be used for the first years of education, as well as 2 nurseries. Spaces will be set up for trade.