France increases the price reduction ceiling

Photo by jackmac34 on Pixabay

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France has increased the ceiling on the reduction in the price of fuel, from 0.18 euros per liter to 0.30 euros per liter, in order to alleviate the burden of the increase in pump prices, reports DPA, quoted by Agerpres.

The new regulation will be applied in France in September and October, while a lower discount will be applied in Corsica and other overseas territories, the Ministry of Economy announced.

In November and December, a fuel price reduction of 0.10 euros per liter will be applied, the measure will expire on December 31, 2022.

In an attempt to limit the impact of the continuous increase in energy prices, the Government of Paris adopted several measures, such as capping the price of natural gas, limiting to 4% the increase in the price of electricity, as well as granting energy vouchers.

Prime Minister Jean Castex estimated that the impact of these measures amounts to more than 20 billion euros.