From the summer of 2023, HBO Max and Discovery+ will form one

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HBO Max will cease to exist in its current form. It will be combined with Discovery+, and the two will form a new service from the summer of 2023, reports Reuters.

Warner Bros. Discovery has announced that it will combine the streaming services Discovery+ and HBO Max into one. The resulting service will be launched next year in the United States, after which it will be gradually expanded to reach other regions.

As with HBO Max, there are plans for two versions – a premium version and an ad-supported version that will cost less. It is not known, for now, what the future service will be called.

The new company, resulting from the unification of Warner Bros. with Discovery, it posted a loss of $3.4 billion after earning $9.8 billion in revenue, short of the $11.91 billion expected.

HBO, HBO Max and Discovery+ now have 92.1 million subscribers, up 1.7 million from the previous quarter. In the US, the three lost 300,000 subscribers in the second quarter of the year.

Financial problems and slowing subscriber growth led the new company to cut spending on HBO Max, abruptly halting an entire series of original productions, including Batgirl.

New CEO David Zaslav says Warner Bros. Discovery will focus more on productions for cinemas, than for the streaming service, because the big screen brings more money.