Gazprom completely suspends gas supplies to Engie

Gazprom completely suspends gas supplies to Engie

A decision that caused a real shock wave at European level! It is just the latest tough measure imposed in the long-distance war between the European Union and Russia. This time, the “victim” is France.

In the energy context, it is the decision of the moment on the extremely tense relationship between Russia and the European Union!

Gazprom completely suspends gas supplies to Engie France

Everything will happen from September 1. It is about the complete suspension by the Russian giant Gazprom of natural gas supplies to Engie France.

The Russian company cited the non-payment of full invoices for the month of July as the reason for this stoppage of gas delivery, RFI notes.

Gazprom representatives say that Engie France has been notified about the suspension of gas supplies. Transit should resume when all outstanding amounts for deliveries are received, Moscow officials hinted.

There is already talk of rationalization in Paris

Following this radical decision, the Paris Government is already considering the rationalization of energy. Companies could be the first affected by this measure.

Following this decision, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne promised in return that the population of France will not be affected by this energy rationalization.

In this sense, a reaction also came from the French group Engie. The company announces that it has taken all measures to be able to supply the necessary energy to its customers even in the event that Gazprom completely stops gas supplies.

On Friday, August 2, President Emmanuel Macron will convene the Defense Council to analyze this new situation generated by the relationship with Russia.

In fact, Gazprom’s gas supplies to Engie France were already considerably reduced since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Deliveries stopped for four days also to Germany, for maintenance work on Nord Stream 1

On the other hand, between August 31 and September 3, Gazprom will stop gas deliveries to Germany through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, for maintenance work, notes the energy information platform Seeburger, cited by Reuters.

Energy prices in Europe fell on Tuesday on signs that the region is stepping up efforts to ease a crisis that threatens to trigger a recession.

In Germany, energy futures for next year fell 26%, while in the Netherlands the price of natural gas fell 11%. Both contracts also fell on Monday, after last week’s record increase.

In conclusion, prices have been extremely volatile in recent days, due to the reduced level of transactions and increasing uncertainties.