Gazprom has announced that gas exports to Europe, via

Gazprom has announced that gas exports to Europe, via

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Russian giant Gazprom has announced that exports of Russian natural gas to Europe via Ukraine are continuing normally, in line with customer demand, according to data released on Sunday by Reuters, according to Adevărul.

The company notes that gas demand on this route is 107.5 million cubic meters on Sunday.

Reference prices for natural gas in Europe began to fall on Friday, after reaching record values ​​on Thursday, as Russian deliveries to the mainland increased, and US sanctions against Moscow omitted the energy sector, Bloomberg reports.

At the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, natural gas futures fell by up to 21% on Friday, after four consecutive days of growth. On Thursday, reference prices rose by more than 60%, the biggest advance since 2005.

Europe is already in the midst of an energy supply crisis due to reduced natural gas stocks, and the conflict in Ukraine has highlighted the continent’s vulnerability to a disruption in gas supplies.

More than a third of Europe’s gas needs come from Russia, and normally a third of those supplies go through Ukraine.