George Haber, the richest Romanian in the USA, says how they are

George Haber, the richest Romanian in the USA, says how they are

George Haber, an entrepreneur born in Romania and settled in Silicon Valley, whose fortune was estimated in the 2000s at 100 million dollars, had the opportunity to negotiate with the American billionaire twice.

Bill Gates wanted to buy him a company and integrate one of his products into the Xbox game console.

In his opinion, “American millionaires, if they really care about the Black Lives Matter or the poor people, would bring some into their homes.”

What did Black Lives Matter do? They set fire to cities. There are robbers, thieves, criminals who are used for political interests. This also happened to the miners after Ceausescu. It’s the same manipulation to change a system. “

“It’s the biggest economic crisis in human history,” he said.

In addition, “The only constant in this universe is permanent change. Silicon Valley has also changed. When I came (in the 80’s, no), here was a paradise for engineers. The creative ones could create companies to sell or go public. In the late 1990’s and 2000’s, there was a change in which Silicon Valley became more Hollywoodized, with more PR and marketing issues. It has become an inflated balloon. “

“Companies like WeWork or Uber don’t create anything new, they optimize existing markets.”

“Braintronix (the company from Cluj-Napoca in which it invested this year, no.) Will produce a very simple and smart robot that can be used in many industries, at a reasonable price.”

“MissionCritical (another company – valued at 5 million euros – in which it recently invested, no.) Does process automation, but it’s different from what UiPath does.”

From the country, he continued, “I met Daniel Dines (co-founder of UiPath, no.). He’s a great guy and he deserves every penny he gets. “

As for Bill Gates, he said, “I knew Bill Gates as a filthy man who tried to suck everything he could from small businesses. There are dozens of small companies that Microsoft stole the idea from or destroyed. “

“Bill Gates made me a purchase offer for CompCore (a company that created a video player, considered the predecessor of the DVD, no.) At a joke price.”

“I was David, and he (Bill Gates, no.) Was Goliath who could step on anyone and do it without shame.”

“Bill Gates was the perfect type of hacker, a man of enormous introversion. He didn’t make eye contact with you, he hid his eyes. I didn’t like him. “

George Haber, business card

The Romanian George Haber (66 years old) co-founded or developed several technological startups which he sold to large American corporations. Three of its most important releases are CompCore Multimedia (software and hard video), GigaPixel (graphics card) and Interakt (software). The latter was bought by Adobe, which through this acquisition made its entry into Romania in 2006. His most recent investments are in Braintronix (robots) and MissionCritical (artificial intelligence).

George Haber currently lives in Santa Clara, near San Farncisco.