Germany breathed a sigh of relief. The Nord Stream gas pipeline has resumed its

Photo source: Energy Intelligence Group.

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The Nord Stream gas pipeline that connects Russia to Germany resumed its activity on Thursday, after ten days of maintenance work, said a spokesperson of the company of the same name that handles equipment maintenance, reports AFP and .

“It works,” a spokesperson for the Nord Stream company told AFP, without specifying, however, the quantity of gas delivered.

The German government feared that this pipeline would not be reopened by Moscow after the repairs were completed.

According to the data sent by Gazprom to Gascade, the German network operator, the pipeline should deliver 530 GWh during the day, that is, only “30%” of its capacity, said the president of the German Network Agency, Klaus Müller, on Thursday, on Twitter.

The Russian energy giant Gazprom announced that it cannot guarantee the resumption of deliveries through this gas pipeline under maintenance until Thursday morning. The group cited the absence of the turbine, necessary according to the company for the operation of a compressor station.

This represented a “pretext”, according to Berlin, which denounces “political” decisions.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has hinted that the pipeline could restart on Thursday morning, but that if Russia does not receive the missing turbine, it will operate at 20% capacity from next week. The reason is that the second turbine must, in turn, undergo repairs at the end of July.