Germany could be hit by a blackout and...

Germany could be hit by a blackout and…

Germany is currently facing a very difficult situation. The current looming energy crisis could pose serious problems to the country’s power grid. A top official has warned of the risk of one of Europe’s biggest economies being hit by a blackout and left in total darkness.

As winter approaches, one big question is on everyone’s lips. What is the risk that Europe’s strongest economy will remain in total darkness and face a total blackout.

So in the desperate rush to prepare for the coming of the cold season, the Germans took radical measures. A significant number of the population started to buy electric heaters. They hope that this way they will not have to freeze in their houses and apartments if gas shortages occur.

But, in front of such an action, a new problem arises. How strong is Germany’s electricity grid to cope with a large number of electric heaters in residents’ homes? What is the risk of a blackout?

Energy crisis could pose serious problems for Germany’s electricity grid

In his assessment, a senior official revealed that the German electricity grid is much more fragile than many believe. In his concern, if citizens turn to electric heaters, it may lead to blackouts and grid collapse. Thus, the one who raised the alarm is Peter Lautz, head of the utility company Stadtwerke Wiesbaden Netz. It is this company that supplies electricity to 170,000 customers.

In this regard, Peter Lautz explained that the current looming energy crisis could pose serious problems to the country’s electricity grid.

In the social context, the German official argued that plug-in electric heaters could overload the grid, especially if large numbers of people use the devices at the same time as the temperature drops, according to a report by German public broadcaster ZDF.

While there may be skeptics who question whether those electric heaters could really clog the grid, Lautz said these little heaters use a huge amount of power, between 1,000 and 3,000 watts.

Thus, “If everyone switched on a fan heater at home, it would mean we would have to almost double the existing network structure on every street,” he said.

The blackouts would deal a huge blow to Europe’s strongest economy

At the moment, approximately 20 million households in Germany are heated with gas. Thus, Peter Lautz showed that if every second household turned on a radiator on a cold winter day, this would lead to an additional energy consumption of 20 gigawatts.

But the alleged blackout would not only affect private households, it would also affect German infrastructure, including cash payment systems, mobile phone networks and street lighting.

Another warning comes from Martin Kleimaier of the Electrical Engineering Association (VDE). These networks could also be down for long periods of time.

In addition, the growth of electric vehicles also presents similar problems for Germany’s electricity grid. Experts are pushing for a smart digital power grid that includes meters that can shut down parts of the grid without threatening the entire grid.

In this regard, Kleinmaier argued that millions of electric vehicles are planned for the future, and the grid needs to be urgently upgraded to avoid potentially devastating disruptions, RMX noted.