Get Paid Using the Mindset of the Rich and Fire Your Boss

Get Paid Using the Mindset of the Rich and Fire Your Boss

Are you buying rounds at the bar on payday, feeling generous? Everybody wants your money, you know. The government takes its share before you even get it. You can change that.

You are so square. Thinking and doing the same thing over and over again. You are used to it. Let me shed some light. Our workmanship is divided in four categories, according to the author and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki of The Cash-Flow Quadrant. It is divided in four boxes. On the left side is the box named “e” as in employee, and the other is named “s” as in self-employed or small business owner. This side receive earned income, working for money. The right side boxes are “b” as in business owner and “i” as in investor. This side receive cash-flow from a portfolio of income streams. They practically work for free due to future rewards.

How does your financial life look like? You have chosen security. The monthly paycheck always slipping through your fingers. It becomes expenses on your balance sheet. The expenses are food, clothes, telephone, costs for sustenance and so on. Interest from loans is a big one. The next month you are at it again. Playing the same game. The rat-race. It is never going to end. This is insanity and indicates a low financial intelligence. This can not be safe nor secure! Even a well paid work can make you poor. The assets you think you have are in fact liabilities, taking money from your pockets instead of placing them there. Take a good look at your balance sheet and get a grip on how the money flows in your life. Earned money is difficult to protect and are high-taxed income.

It could be like this. The “b” and “i” people gain financial freedom through systems built on other peoples money and other peoples time. These people work for passive or portfolio income containing investments, stocks and mutual funds. Tax reliefs, allowances and higher financial intelligence are important benefits. The most important thing is the mindset, which is a challenge for “e” and “s” people.

What do you want? Financial literacy and knowledge eliminates the obstacles. If you want to get out of the rat-race you have to change your attitudes, habits and social life. Get a mentor. The importance of socializing with people that are where you want to be is crucial. Income and expenses must be in control. Your boss is never going to make you rich. A new job is not the solution. Are you ready? Do you have the guts to jump to the other side?

Source by Lars Nyqvist Lundin