Greenpeace activists protested against

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Greenpeace activists swam in front of a large Russian oil tanker in the Baltic Sea on Wednesday, protesting against Russian oil imports into the EU, which the environmental group says are financing the war in Ukraine, according to Reuters.

The European Union and its allies have imposed severe sanctions on Russia, including a freeze on its central bank assets, but oil and gas have not been included.

“In the fourth week of Putin’s war, there are still ships arriving in Europe from Russia carrying oil that is financing Putin’s war in Ukraine,” Greenpeace said in a statement.

The organization has called on EU lawmakers to unite for a ban during upcoming summits on Thursday, when US President Joe Biden will be in Brussels for talks with the 30 members of the NATO Transatlantic Alliance, the EU and members of the Group of Seven (G7). , including Japan, aimed at strengthening the West’s response to Moscow’s actions.

EU foreign ministers disagreed on Monday over whether and how to impose sanctions on Russia’s lucrative energy sector over its invasion of Ukraine.