Grindeanu: Romania started the first highway that

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The Minister of Transport, Sorin Grindeanu, stated that it is a shame for the Romanian state that more than 15 years after entering the European Union, the works on the first highway that crosses the Carpathians, being Sibiu – Pitesti, start, he specified that they were things that seem to have gone wrong.

Sorin Grindeanu was asked, on Sunday, on the Insider Politic show on Prima TV when the Sibiu – Pitesti highway will be ready.

“If you allow me, I would answer in a little more detail. This section from Sibiu to Pitesti consists of five lots, five sections. At the end of last year batch 4 was signed, at the beginning of this year batch 2 was signed, we are talking about the heaviest, and a few days ago batch 3 was signed, so 2, 3 and 4, the heaviest batches of the 5 were signed in recent months. Lot 1 from Sibiu to Boita is working very well at the moment, and here I am optimistic that those kilometers will be put into circulation by the end of this year. It’s about 14 kilometers”, stated the Minister of Transport, quoted by news.ro.

He specified that on the Sibiu – Boita sector the stage of works is at 80%.

“It should be ready, according to the contract, somewhere in the middle of next year. The company has mobilized very well at this moment, it is somewhere over 80 percent, it has started pouring, including the wear asphalt layers, all those things that are towards the end of a work. Hence my optimism. The works have also started on the other end, from Pitesti to Curtea de Argeş. I hope that the company that works there, on section 5, and that also won section 3, which I mentioned earlier, the heaviest, the biggest contract ever signed by CNAIR, will intensify its work pace, so so that all these terms stipulated in the contract are respected”, explained Sorin Grindeanu.

He specified that the Sibiu – Pitesti highway has been requested by Romanians for decades.

“This issue related, for example, to Sibiu-Pitesti, is not an issue that was blocked only in 2021, but is a highway that has been requested by Romanians for decades, to cross the Carpathians. Here, in a few months, three of the most difficult highway lots out of the five were signed, the others having already been signed. Almost every week, and you see the ads, we either award a highway lot or put it up for auction. There are things that have entered a certain rhythm, which must happen according to a calendar given by law. The entire period of the auction, of appeals and so on”, the Minister of Transport also affirmed.

He stated that it is a shame for the Romanian state that it started the first highway that crosses the Carpathians after 15 years after entering the European Union.

“Let’s take the years, at least the years since we entered the European Union, in 2007, we are talking about 15 years. After 15 years, you, as a state, various governments, various ministers, of all colors, should be able, after almost or after 15 years, more than 15 years, you should be able only then or now to put out to auction, to the first highway that crosses the Carpathians actually begins, it is a shame for the Romanian state. And I assume this. I have held various positions in these years, I was prime minister and minister in another portfolio, and in the local administration. There are things that seem to have gone wrong,” Grindeanu said.

He added that not always when there are delays in some infrastructure projects, the company that carries out the investment is to blame.

“I want those who win to stick to the terms of the contract, some of them, and I really want to praise them, they do this, others, often you know that there are also arguments that stand why there is a certain delay on certain works, not all the time the company, the one that builds, is one hundred percent to blame and I have to be fair and say this. Many times the relationship with other institutions, with other town halls, does not go at the pace you initially proposed: expropriations, relocation of utilities, to give you just a few examples, water crossings, notices from forests, from Romanian waters. Sometimes the rhythm is not the one that… If the rhythm is bad, it is not necessarily one hundred percent the constructor’s fault”, explained Sorin Grindeanu.