Heavier mornings for sleepy people: The price of coffee is rising

Coffee importers are announcing a price increase of up to 20% in the coming months, due to rising costs of transporting and purchasing raw materials. In addition, a price increase is also announced by local processors, who are demanding an increase in expenses, according to TVR News.

The price of coffee has risen to $ 5 per kilogram on major international stock exchanges, an increase of almost 30% higher than a year ago. The importers have made calculations and announce that they are raising the price of the coffee they sell in European countries.

Traders are demanding higher coffee transportation costs due to rising fuel prices after the start of the war in Ukraine. It also expects a weaker harvest in Brazil, the world’s largest producer, given that fertilizers imported from the Russian Federation are more difficult to procure.

Imports of coffee into the European Union have increased in recent years and exceeded 7.5 billion euros in 2020, according to the latest Eurostat data. The largest quantities are brought from Brazil and Vietnam.

The owners of coffee roasters in Romania are also announcing price increases.

Price increases come as coffee consumption has risen in recent years.